NO PLACE TO GO, a poem written by Dilip Mohapatra at
Wade Austin Ellis



written by: Dilip Mohapatra


As I rock on my recliner
and browse the news
to gleam through
the debates and discussions
that pervade almost all channels
in multiple formats
statistics and trends
dos and don’ts
even the philosophical
merging with spirituality
and poetry
even some humour
and lampooning
all around
the vicious
virulent virus
that slowly spreads across
like a black ominous
cloud of plague
I seek some respite
and look for a break
from the confines of my home.

I switch off the TV
and then I sit for sometime
lost in my thoughts of
the unimaginable to come
of the revenge of the bats and the fowls
while knitting the sullen air
into scarves of silence
to wrap around my throat
that suddenly appears to be sore
and then you suggest
why not plan a visit to the mall
to stock up few provisions
and take a bite in the food court
and then may be a movie at the PVR cinema
to take our minds off the
morbid thoughts
about the end of the humans.

But alas the malls are closed
and so are the restaurants
and the movie halls too.
No flights
no trains
no parks
no beaches
no exhibitions
no nothing…
we are prisoners of our own home
with no place to go.

Then my eyes sparkle
and we sit together
your hands in mine
and I look into your eyes
perhaps after eons
I don’t even remember
when did I last delve into their depths
to see the windows opening up
to a verdant vista
leading to the deep blue sea
cool and calm
its ripples reflecting million suns
and far beyond the horizon
a flash of light
beckoning hope and promise
for a better world
and then suddenly
I couldn’t control
a compelling sneeze
that shook us up from our
short magical dream
and you push my hands away
and drag me to
the guest room
to be quarantined

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