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Not Me

Not Me

written by: L.M.Giannone



I’m not who you think I am
Was never whom you thought I was
I couldn’t play the part
That you needed me to just because
I’m not one to be cornered
Nor one to be tamed
Won’t ever be captured
On this pedestal I can’t remain
I’m much too independent
Unwilling to settle down
Too much a free spirit
Anything more I would drown
It pains me to hurt you
But an illusion I can’t be
Some lucky woman will capture your heart
But that woman just isn’t me
You fell in love with a shadow
In shades and hues unreal
I can’t reciprocate actions or words
Or feelings I just do not feel
You see me through a veil
Blind to my imperfections and scars
Looking through rose-colored glasses
With your head too high in the stars
I will always be haunted
By the words I wouldn’t say
You deserve so much better
Out of love I couldn’t stay
I know it hurts like hell
But in due time you will heal
And you’ll find someone else
Who’s worthy of you for real

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