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Not Me

written by: L.M.Giannone



I’m not who you think I am
Was never whom you thought I was
I couldn’t play the part
That you needed me to just because
I’m not one to be cornered
Nor one to be tamed
Won’t ever be captured
On this pedestal I can’t remain
I’m much too independent
Unwilling to settle down
Too much a free spirit
Anything more I would drown
It pains me to hurt you
But an illusion I can't be
Some lucky woman will capture your heart
But that woman just isn't me
You fell in love with a shadow
In shades and hues unreal
I can’t reciprocate actions or words
Or feelings I just do not feel
You see me through a veil
Blind to my imperfections and scars
Looking through rose-colored glasses
With your head too high in the stars
I will always be haunted
By the words I wouldn’t say
You deserve so much better
Out of love I couldn’t stay
I know it hurts like hell
But in due time you will heal
And you’ll find someone else
Who’s worthy of you for real



L. M. Giannone is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Southern Connecticut, Lisa transplanted herself in California to escape the harsh winters and summers of New England.
She is the author of No Vacancy, a collection of humorous personal essays, and A Touch of Noir, a collection of short stories written in noir style. She has two books in the works for 2017 publication.

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