Ocean, poem by Shalini Kathuria Narang at Spillwords.com



written by: Shalini Kathuria Narang



The vast, expansive ocean again amazes me,
Every time I look, there’s a feeling of awe and glee.
The large and small waves come and go flawlessly,
Creator’s benevolence on our planet can be experienced peerlessly.

The sights and sounds are beyond soothing,
Just a few minutes in its presence removes all foreboding.
The surrounding cliffs of varied shapes and sizes are marvelous,
A testimony to the variety in nature’s canvass.

Oceanside birds, flowers shrubs and trees,
Of myriad colors, contours, and curves add to my reverie.
All flora and fauna exist in perfect harmony,
Enhancing the landscape’s beauty without ceremony.

The whales in the ocean continuously migrate,
Movement ensures survival, without stagnate.
Anticipation of their sighting gives us a cause to stare,
The regal creatures continue their sojourns, oblivious of fanfare.

Many seabirds announce their presence by hovering above,
The spellbinding sights are a treasure trove.
The unparalleled beauty in nature is apparent,
Recognizing our minusculity in this vastness is transparent.

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