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Ode To Night

written by: Philip Galfano


You always come down to breathe
over my weakened body
virgin night, and I from a faraway corner
await a dreary recurring of vainly desires
similar to a dream that has become stone.
A breath of wind in the sky,
even the moon has risen
and you and only you candid night
could offer me the awaited peace.
But I am my own world
my own loneliness
and not free from my thoughts
I descend inside me and at every space
of my sterile delirium
I hear my heart beat voiceless
to the un-existing shadows of my life
and you are silent
perhaps forever.

Philip Galfano

Philip Galfano

My name is Philip Galfano. I was born in Italy and moved to the U.S.A. years ago. I have written poems both in Italian and in English. Also, I have written short stories fiction and nonfiction. I look forward to compile a number of my works and hope someday share them with my family, my friends and with those who appreciate this type of work.
Philip Galfano

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