Of Their Own Time Immemorial, poetry by Jackie Oldham at Spillwords.com
Isaac Chou

Of Their Own Time Immemorial

Of Their Own Time Immemorial

written by: Jackie Oldham


On the walls of caves,
Stick figures of people
Fending off, then herding

In stone hieroglyphs
Adorning the walls of pyramids and
Temples and cathedrals,
Graveyards and mausoleums;
Honoring their living and their dead
Heroes and gods;

Neon lights on the sides of
Skyscrapers reaching up to the Heavens–
Eat at Joe’s
1 million served
Best hotel, apartment building,
Financial institution
In the city
In the nation
In the world
In the known universe.

Digital recordings of human endeavors
Flung out into the far reaches
Of the universe
Announcing our presence
To billions of stars
That shine their own brilliant reflections

Back at us.

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