Oh, How You Will Fly, a poem by FC Malby at Spillwords.com
Adrianna Geo

Oh, How You Will Fly

Oh, How You Will Fly

written by: FC Malby



Your beauty lies in what you do not show, your
strength in what you hide. You weathered storms

unseen and gather up the broken pieces to
hand to the potter. He will make all things new

restore what was lost. Only those who are
quiet will hear your song carried on a breeze

across oceans. The lark calls at daylight, the
owl by night. How sweet are the words of the

one bringing good news. When the world is still
you will wait for kind words and honest deeds,

but for now the sting and slap of nature’s storm
has left its marks and bruises. As the starling

shelters her little ones from the wind and from
predators, so will the creator hold you near

under the wings of angels and he will speak
in quiet tones because he knows this will

draw you near. Loud words make you cower
and twist, turn your ear away. But he knows

you need a gentle touch and a healing balm.
When you are ready, your wings will unfurl

and you’ll fly, my child, oh how you will fly
you will soar above the winds across oceans.

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