Old Hollywood, a poem by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com
Jill Marv

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood

written by: Roger Turner



Hollywood is dead and gone
It died a lonely death
It’s just too bad no one was there
When it took its final breath
Forget the tales of yesteryear
Of junkies and of whores
The Hollywood I speak of
Is behind the golden doors
Warner Brothers and MGM
United Artists and 20th Century Fox
Are now owned by conglomertates
With more cash than Fort Knox
Film is just an extra
In a business it once ruled
With the advent of computers
The industry’s re-tooled
CGI and Green Screen
Let them do more at great cost
But, without the use of actors
There is something that is lost
The tie-in with its history
We only see each year
When they memorialize those who passed
At the Oscars….shedding tears
There are now just two places
To process film itself
When, way back in its heyday
Of these there was a wealth
No new ideas forthcoming
Movies get rebooted or remade
And the startlets in the pictures
They’re the ones who’re getting laid
Merchandising movies
That is where the real cash lies
If you’re not attached to a food chain
Your bottom line will die
Hollywood died in its sleep
It died with dignity
The funeral will be shown though
On reality TV
It smothered in its excess
A victim of its greed
It gorged on people’s wallets
Forgetting people’s needs
Old Hollywood is magic
It lives on in people’s hearts
Too bad the studio system
Was sold off in such small parts
The Western died, musicals next
Then came the comedy
You can’t see them in the theatre
But they’re on your big tv
I stand here and salute her
She put pictures in our heads
But, now thanks to her avarice
Old Hollywood is dead…

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