FLIGHT OF ECSTASY by Madhumita at Spillwords.com



written by: Madhumita



I want to fly like the birds, without a care,
And all terrains dare,
Flying over states and countries,
Crossing all lines and boundaries,
Over the Sea Arabian
And the Pacific Ocean,
Drinking from the Nile, Mississippi and Indus,
Bathing in the Volga, Zambezi and Ganges,
Perching atop mosques, viewing unknown avenues,
Sitting on the temple ‘shikhara’, my destination I would choose,
No religion,
Nor region
Would then delimit
My happy spirit,
Would face no religious animosity,
Or class, colour based atrocities,
I would be one with His creations,
Bounded by no country or nation,
No explanations,
No damnation,
Living my fantasy,
Enjoying His legacy,
A flight of ecstasy,
Soaring high in euphoric serenity.



* Shikhara is the temple top

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