Self-love Paints, a poem by Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson at
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Self-love Paints

Self-love Paints

written by: Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson



Love grows with the more attention it is shown
Freedom is in the heart of the beholder
Ever bolder
Song of oneness ringing true
Flowing as a river of wellness, nurturing roots and blossoming anew
Vastness of spirit paints an inner landscape
Exuberant playfulness taking shape

And I the painter, taking pride
As I glide
Through the lens of heart centered consciousness
I abide
For love only grows when it is given
Past mistakes coming to light to be forgiven
Love of self and all mankind
This is the story I write
Where my soul is awakened and the truth I find
Sets me free to fly
Again and again and again

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