On Cupid's Broken Wings, poem by Dawn Pisturino at Spillwords.com
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On Cupid’s Broken Wings

On Cupid’s Broken Wings

written by: Dawn Pisturino


On Cupid’s broken wings,
He landed at my door,
An instrument with broken strings,
No music at his core.
His arm wrapped up in dirty slings,
His leg — an oozing sore,
I welcomed him, and my heart sings
With love, and so much more!

With honeyed lips, I kissed him,
Reflecting on the art
Of healing broken seraphim
With music from my heart:
A golden lyre and a whim
To feel the lover’s dart
Deep in my chest. O cherubim! —
Aim true, and never part

From me again, but stay –
And shelter in the womb
Of calming balms and ecstasy.
Such sweetness in this humble home!
Such magic in the healer’s play!
From the cradle and the tomb,
A captured heart will run away.
But free me, and I will not stray.

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