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Walter Martin

On This May Day

On This May Day

written by: Patricia Furstenberg



On May’s auspicious day the world did sway
as war-torn Europe breathed a sigh, hearts light,
bells tolled, souls soared in jubilant display,
Victory declared against the dark, the resolute fight

of an eternity of struggle. Hope’s embers igniting
over lives lost, battles fought, sacrifices seized,
now crowned. With triumph. Last victory. Yearning
that beacon of peace. New dawn’s serenade.

on streets, on squares, green platforms, iron homes,
people danced, citizens embraced, men’s tears flooded, cascading
from London’s alleys to the French brooks.
Freedom’s chorus echoed, a symphony unfading.

Yet in the shadow of smiles scars remained,
crevice-wounds, memories that haunt, the ghosts of war.
This world, forever changed. Where lessons gained?
The pledge to cherish peace, will it last forevermore?

Today, remember. Restore that oath. Honor those who fought,
the hearts who shone, the courage standing tall
Taller than death’s fear. Cherished their legacy, so dearly sought.
The gift of our daily peace. Given ahead. Never forget. Victory’s clarion call.

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