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written by: The Quiet Quill



Heartbreak suggests a heart
With a clean crack down the centre.
No, my heart has been crushed
And smashed into thousands of pieces.
It will never recover.
There is no way it could ever be
Put back together to the way it was.

Grieving for what was,
For who we had been.
Yes, my sad and bitter grief is for
All of those dreams, deserted.
It is for something wonderful over too soon.
Not a person who leads a good, full life,
But a youthful union, taken too soon.

Why wouldn't you listen?
You gathered the ghosts of my words
When it was too late for me to return.
You ignored the direction I was headed in
And realised just in time to see the door close.
Why didn't you fight for me?

The Quiet Quill

The Quiet Quill

AUGUST 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Writer. Poet. Observer.

An open book with a few words tucked away. I have many thoughts to think and many feelings to feel, which I exorcise through poetry; my therapy.
The Quiet Quill

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