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Pain Potter

Pain Potter

written by: Meenakshi M Singh


When you ache for something deeply,
you break, your being into shreds
Shreds of loneliness,
The pit, the lane of digress
Drowning in your own tears
Becoming the pain potter
By mulling and sculpting that pain
Caressing the wounds with a light feathered touch
Letting the pain rise
And take the shape of an empty vessel
Then we burn that wounded heart in isolation
To let it get dry and get cold-blooded
Then we paint it with our self-made coloured excuses
We let that well pampered pain pot to define us
To become hard and rigid
How we all like to be a pain potter!
When you ache for something deeply,
you break, just like the earthen pot
Hard, brittle, Hand Made

But there is a reason to this wreckage
To be able to understand that clay
Of which this thing heart is made of
To know its possibilities
Its intricacies, to sculpt again
To smile through the pain
To be a potter of hope

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