Sewn Shut written by Jenn Hope at

Sewn Shut

Sewn Shut

written by: Jenn Hope



You sew my mouth shut,

Using thick thread of lies,

Unable to speak my truth,

Holding in all in my feelings,
Slowly my tortured soul dies,
Always controlling what I should feel,

Telling me I’m always wrong,

But you just don’t want to deal,
And I’ve been muted far too long,
So I’m ripping my mouth open,
Painful and bloody I don’t care,
No longer willing to hide who I am,

Unwilling to be censored,

Moving forward without you,

The scars of your love always there.

Jenn Hope©

Jenn Hope

Jenn Hope

I'm a mental health advocate, writing prose and poetry to release and deal with my personal manic depression. I'm a mom of 3 and I'm excited to share my work!
Jenn Hope

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