This Dangerous Silence, poetry by John Sweet at
Justin Veenema

This Dangerous Silence

This Dangerous Silence

written by: John Sweet


my hands will learn kindness if that’s
what it takes to make you speak my name

and are we lovers?

it depends on the town, of course,

it depends on the quality of light,
on the lengths of the shadows

de chirico

a picture i’ve painted for you
and what it means

a lifetime of words left unspoken

and what happens, of course, is that i
grow old the second i stop paying attention

all acts become acts of violence

were you there when
the trigger was pulled?

are you a believer in the idea that
murdered children make a stronger nation?

it can be your religion

you can buy yourself a shovel,
a six-pack and a bible and i
talk too much, yes, and i go on for too long,
and then i forget who i was
even talking to

i keep coming back to
my fear of the future

i keep closing my eyes when
i pull out into traffic

we are almost to the point where
our deaths will matter

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