People Dying, poetry by Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia at
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People Dying

People Dying

written by: Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia



A woven willow basket with wildflowers
The fluttering ribbons of a lacy bonnet
Lying under the shade of leafy trees
Their roots draw in water from the flow
Of water dappled with afternoon sunshine
Fritillaries dancing with the daffodils
The rainbow bridge with both its ends in mud
Amethysts scattered in the undergrowth
Or wild violets: turquoises or forget me nots:
Topazes or primroses: the kisses of butterflies
Recalling snowdrops dreaming in snowdrifts
Or lily of the valley. Where could such visions lead
But to these lawns and halls where mushrooms simmer
With chicken in white wine and music plays
On virginal pianos neatly kept
In rooms lined with the wood of ancient oaks
And Finnish pine made IKEA futons
Laughter and banter flowing across tables
Till TV shows the dropping of some bombs
And people dying?

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