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Rhys Kentish



written by: Andrew James



I’m awake with the starlings flying over the pier
I was drawn in by the pin marked “You Are Here.”
Because in all honesty I’ve never felt more lost.
I’m careworn, massively overdrawn.
A counter productive, self destructive waste of space
And I think I might need you.
Come birth those constellations, illuminate my skies.
Without them I lay dormant, yearning to be galvanised.
And I’m trying, really I am.
So apologies for the maudlin soliloquy.
It’s just, I don’t have anyone else I can turn to.
Nobody understands me quite like you.

And I’m sorry to bear you with that burden mate,
But how wonderful it is that I can call whenever things aren’t going great.
When I’m swept away by the undertow, and I’m being pulled to and throw,
Head first right in to the North Sea.
Well, I know you’ll be there.
A life craft gently bouncing along the waves like a skimming stone, being guided home
So effortlessly.
Reminding me that there’s blood in these veins.

And where it feels like I’m drowning now,
I know that one day I’ll wake,
Jump in to the Ocean
And swim again.

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