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Please Don’t Go

Please Don’t Go

written by: SapphicSiren


I sigh and look away from the screen
All my stress has accumulated as pain in my spleen
Tears escape me and my head does a lean
All my pleads and you leave me on seen

All I can think about is “are you still here?”
I’m in denial as I try to avoid my biggest fear
I hate watching your status disappear
Because I couldn’t imagine you being dead at the end of the year

Sobs escape me as I write endless words
I hope and wish that it works
Convinces you to not fly high with the birds
Because if you do, my heart will shatter into more than thirds

You vent and scream and yell about how you’re scared to die
I just listen and offer advice, thinking about the first time you said hi
It was such a long time ago, only 3 months…oh my
Hoping and praying to gods that you don’t try

I beg and plead and eventually you listen
You calm down and I wish I could pull you in
Kiss you and hug you, make you see how much you glisten
I offer what I can, ask for permission

We laugh and smile, over the bad moment
The stress washes away, I have potent
We giggle and chase away the rodent
I can’t believe you’re so conant

I love you so much my baby
I’m so glad you’re still here and healthy
You’re the light in my world Casey
I hope we stay together until we’re older than eighty

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