Popular With The Billions, a poem by Paul Anthony Obey at Spillwords.com
Kunal Parmar

Popular With The Billions

Popular With The Billions

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Herald, the Slumdog King of all of Bollywood,
With a back catalogue, stretching as long as my arm,
Mainstream at home, but not by me, that’s understood,
Fawned over for the good looks and all that charm,

Not renowned in the West but all over the telly,
Paraded as a King of all the shows,
Pretty peerless it seems from here to New Delhi,
Awards burden like the days of those old pros,

Portrayed in his World as a lover and a fighter,
I’m ashamed I know so little of his works,
It’s a crime we don’t know more despite a,
Wealth of knowledge to be found, if we cared.

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