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written by: Dan Leicht



In a field, somewhere new, she sits and stares out into the horizon. Pungent earth wielding rotten lime
hued blades whisk forward with each breeze.
Inside is a longing to explore, a deep yearning,
and yet she remains. Her palms pressed into the soft ground
beneath her, stretched behind her back.
She’s sitting beside a dog, golden lab, with a peculiar grey spot behind one ear.
The golden friend is silent,
nose pointed downwards, as he rips at a brand new bone,
purchased in the morning after coffee.
There’s just so much world out there, so much to see – she think to herself.
Where do you start?

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht, a writer from Rochester NY, often writes poetry as well as fiction, which can be found on his author site. His poetry has previously been published with Canto Magazine and Work Literary Magazine.
Dan Leicht

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