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written by: SAM KGOSITHEBE


Said I love you,
Without hesitation,
I'd have chosen you in the blink of an eye,
I'd have died for you,
I gave you my heart,
How depressing it was though,
It was so easy for you to break my foolish heart.

Now suddenly I hate each and every pant crossing my path,
It's not my fault,
You taught me to HATE!
I mean, my friend of all people,
You had to choose her,
I didn't know the power of betrayal could run this deep.
It hurts,
I guess some wrist cuts could ease the pain,
Just bare in mind it's all your fault.

From now on, I will never speak your name,
Memories are all that's left of you in me,
I wish there was a DELETE button,
Believe me you, I would erase them in the blink of an eye.

Just so we're clear!!
I never want to see your face, hear your name or even see the trace of your shoe print!
I loathe you with every inch of my bones.
Guess what,
I just spit on your grave while you're still alive!
Guess now you will reap the repercussions of your BETRAYAL!!

Sam Kgosithebe

Sam Kgosithebe

I write to inspire and to be inspired, i love literature. It gives one sense of wisdom, it opens your mind to the world. So i write to share the wisdom i have in hope to change a life.
Sam Kgosithebe

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