Queen of Hearts, a poem written by Nigel de Costa at Spillwords.com
Laine Cooper

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

written by: Nigel de Costa


Last night I dreamt the Queen of Hearts
swirled in and asked to play
for gold too dear for me to lose;
and I gambled it all away.

She dealt out hands with swift deft flicks
but I was never sure
had cards come from the top o’pack,
or somewhere off the floor?

She watched me from behind her hand
fanned tight against her breast.
She had that smile I used to love
which butter would not melt.

A pair of aces and three fine jacks,
perhaps my luck had changed?
I should have known there was ne’er a chance;
a flush she proudly played.

Hold on good queen…
I don’t believe…
that flush was quite so straight.
I’d like to take a look up your sleeve
and behind your poker face.

The dream is o’er and she’s long gone;
flounced out without a trace.
Off to cheat some other joker;
some fool who thinks he’s an ace.

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