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written by: Victor Chipman



Oh to hear those words
When She says “we need to talk”
It makes me nervous

Should I be worried?
I wonder what I’ve done
Did I do something?

Did I Say something?
Interrogating Questions
Things race through my mind

Is it something small?
Wondering what it could be
Can “WE” work it out?

How should I react?
What type of mood is she in?
Listen to her tone

Let her vent it out
Listen to Her every word
Find your happy place

Victor Chipman

Victor Chipman

I am wanting this to be very inspirational towards others and raising awareness towards mental illness as many people across the country and world go through the emotional baggage or burden it has on our lives and it shouldn't and believe me I've struggled through it, through addictions, gambling,homelessness and living in the downtown eastside Of Vancouver Canada, I've seen first hand people dying in the streets, we hear it on the news well known actors, musicians have all fallen victim to self harm resulting in tragedy, I am a Single Father 41, now I am happy, I made it to 40 and defiantly love to share my story because I know now the creator has a special plans for each and every one of us, my very own kids give me inspiration each and every day and I am also wanting to do a children's book on ADHD/FASD.....
Victor Chipman

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