Rage, a poem by Tania Alphonsa George at Spillwords.com
Alexander Krivitskiy



written by: Tania Alphonsa George



Acid tears fall upon her cheek,
Inability courses through her veins.
Tranquillity is a broken pill,
Ease her pain.
But numbness is like momentary oblivion.
Then the broken blues of the tide hit.

Rage hidden but when the oceans roar.
There is nothing but blessed silence.
There is nothing but substance.

The void is wide open.
Birth pangs inescapable,
To the soul as the mind has a corpus of fear.

Memories haunt, ragged breath and tears persist.
Pain beyond numbness,
And numbness beyond death,
The inability engages the rush of blood to the head.

Sacred pill, scarred mind, broken promises.
The Will to persist carries on.

Beyond the urge to cease.
Beyond the limit of pain,
There is pleasure they say.

In between that there is the course of life.
Blessed numbness,
Immaculate tranquillity.

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  • Rage - May 1, 2023