Reacquainted, a poem by John Grey at



written by: John Grey


It has been ten years or more since I’d seen her.
She’d moved to the west coast,
to work for a public relations firm.
So when I heard she was back,
I was eager to catch up.

But we sat together
in an old favorite coffee house
in a kind of stupefied state.
My awkward glances in her direction
drew smiles
but not much in the way of conversation.
Yes, she provided details enough.
But any sense of emotion was lacking.

Our get-together did not
transport us back in time.
In fact, we looked at each other
with no sense of recognition whatsoever.

For all the days and nights
we had spent together
in the past,
that access was closed.
Ten years apart had
made us strangers.

We bid each other farewell
and promised to catch up again.
We never did.
She didn’t go out to the west coast this time.
She moved to the present day
and wherever she is in now.
That’s about as far away as it gets.

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