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Riddle Me This!

Riddle Me This!

written by: Ginny M. Jones


In realms of thought where genius gleams,
And sanity mingles with the wildest of dreams,
Do we discern the line that starts,
Where genius begins and the mind departs?

For madmen and visionaries often meet,
Where boundaries blur in thoughts’ conceit,
In depths where reason dares not tread,
There the seeds of genius are bred.

Yet look ye now, with wisdom’s gaze,
At those who challenge common ways,
For those awake to truths profound,
With crazy genius they are crowned.

In realms where minds both wild and bright,
Collide in sparks of sheer insight,
Do we, with puzzled brows, assess,
Genius from madness? A conundrum no less.

Ah, the curious dance of minds untamed,
Where brilliance and folly often look the same,
As partners in a merry duet,
Does genius arise, or folly beget?

For those who see beyond the veil,
And chart new courses with fearless sail,
Are they the mad or genius rare,
A blend of both, an enigma to bear?

So let us tread the line with grace,
Where genius and madness interlace,
Awake to visions that dare to ensue,
Crazy genius, a realm for the few.

Oh, ponderous minds, do tell me true,
When genius sparkles, what say you?
Is it a fine thread that we weave,
Betwixt the genius and what is perceived?

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