Rimini Beach, poetry written by Eoghan Lyng at Spillwords.com

Rimini Beach

Rimini Beach

written by: Eoghan Lyng



Sanded feet belying weathering pools
Passengers creaking their vehicled carriers
Corrugated calypses stand on a sinuous sandy
Sandcastle calibrated heart pools pathed on
Family gestures, pestered by two lovers’ kiss
What with and how with they sound, padded
Pinochets pirouchette playful passengers stand
From the deposited chairs, cares comely candour
And there, on there, a dog wade, waterly
Wishing the pool he is blissfully bathing
Makes him the love that the rosé provides
Eyes, catching, copulating reacting in the waters’
Washing the children, a holiday happens
Mothers nattering the signorinas’
Enviable poses they rose from the sea in the seventies
Grandmothers meet in the streets they have crowded
Outerly walking into the cascading car, where are
Driven the summerly Saturday feelings universally
Ushered, buttering bread with chocolatey taste
Wait, will we find, reminding ourselves, asking
Attributations, solutions, sandwiching pastoral Adriatics
Aquatics, swimming out into the sun.

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