Escape The Twilight, dark poetry by Fallen Engel at

Escape The Twilight

Escape The Twilight

written by: Fallen Engel



Frozen sun, burning moon
My tears stain the floor
Raven dark, blood like lips
I fail to know myself
On the Seven Seas, strays an angel
Under her black wings
Lithium dreams
Let me escape the twilight

Bane of my life
Driven and damned
Secret amour is strife
On black and roaring waves
The veins float taut and tight
My silhouette fades while scarlet
Velvet, crystalline tears fall upon
The pristine dew. Just as Camelot
Never was, the chalice is half empty
Half full, there strays an angel
Who escaped the twilight and I
Will erase myself from you.

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