A Candle In The Wig, a poem by Paul Anthony Obey at Spillwords.com

A Candle In The Wig

A Candle In The Wig

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



They can’t deny the talent, it’s been around for so long,
And the songs seem to be written in the stars,
Never known as a dancer until you sing your own song,
And the friend of a rocket man from Mars,

But for all the gifts, the joy that you gave us,
Recognised for a tribute to the dying Queen,
And for all of the pomp and the shows out in Vegas,
Home in England is the best that we’ve seen,

As the sycophants portray their love with great passion,
And the charities receive riches of your gift,
The Hall of Fame will revere the history of your fashion,
As majesty grows and the sands of time shift.

Paul Anthony Obey

Paul Anthony Obey

The author, Paul Anthony Obey, born in 1970, is working class, brought up in a working class family and has raised a working class family. Married to a proud New Zealander, Nicola, they live in the North West of England and share 4 children; Ryan, Hayley, Bethany and Seth, one of each from both.

Paul has worked within the Social Housing environment for all his adult life in one guise or another, but has recently decided to write full time to share a view and hopefully inspire reaction in others to take another look at life, beyond the confines of self, question the generally accepted truth and make the World a better place for everyone. One step at a time!

My work is dedicated to all of those who believe in what I am trying to do and to some of those who don’t yet get it.
Paul Anthony Obey

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