The Sound of Sight, poetry by J. Iner Souster at

The Sounds of Sight

The Sounds of Sight

written by: J. Iner Souster



She lay unrested, cursed with eyes that see beyond the faculties
of sight. Visual perceptions of colours and light tell stories
as notes from some long-forgotten instrument
Surrounding sounds from forests, early waking mornings,
and cities’ eternal sleepless nights become the only music she understands. The chattering of life’s personalities
scores the chorus of a forever-changing song
Watching as a gorgeous ascending moon
serenades the earth, singing with its charms of planetary influences
Leisurely, floating upward, and endlessly in its melodies
Building bridges of reality from absurdities and singularities
Terminally unique in its translations and orchestrations
Forever perpetually grand in dignities’ desires,
thought, often feeble in the act, continuously subsiding the wildfire lost within. One shall be a dream, while the other is simply a memory
Forever welcoming, all of consciousness and transcendent symphonies.

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