Quiet Time, commentary written by Michael Natt at Spillwords.com
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Quiet Time

Quiet Time

written by: Michael Natt


This Saturday began like all others. Today though was my annual 10-mile trek around the three Minneapolis Lakes (Harriet, Bde Maka Ska, and Isles). I was already prepared to navigate the course at a slower pace than normal because I needed a time of recovery from leaving it all on the course last week at Lola’s 10-mile race. So, I plugged in my earbuds and cranked up my tunes and began my walk. About five minutes into it, I was acutely aware that the music was not working for me today. Normally, I can preserve the quietness of my spirit on one track while listening to the pulsating beats on my soul track. Today was different though, so I put my iPhone and earbuds away and converged both my soul and spirit into one quiet place.

This was a particularly beautiful day in the Twin Cities. The weather was perfect, the flora and fauna were splendid, my body was doing what I love to do, and my spirit and soul were in a quiet place. Without the music, I was tuned in to the snippets of conversations of people who I passed along the way dealing with life, death, health, work and the hopes that they expressed to their friends this Saturday morning. There were a few recognizable faces along the way. None more so than former Minnesota Viking and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page. He was nursing an injury today, so I offered up a prayer on his behalf. This is the least I could do for a great man who has served our State with distinction. Had I been more attentive to my music than the quietness of my soul, I might have missed this opportunity to bless him.

There were also some personal matters that I needed to work through this morning, and this 2.5 hour of quiet time facilitated the best in my thinking process. For one, I came to the conclusion that I indeed have one more fun 13.1 race in me, so Mankato here I come this October!

Today I also decided to lock into a program that will culminate in completing the requirements necessary to become a board-certified Life Coach. This program builds on my already attained social science-related master’s degree and experience dealing with people’s spiritual, psychological, physical, relational and purpose goals. This additional credential will enable me to offer my clients a broader range of options. Ultimately what I have to offer my clients is myself, and developing my competencies and understanding will enable me to serve them better.

Sometimes quietness speaks a loud and distinct message to our soul.

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