Says I, poetry by Deni Neighbour at
Michal Bar Haim

Says I

Says I

written by: Deni Neighbour


Pick me up Mummy says I
Not again says she
But pick me up she does and snuggle do we
Her flaxen hair embraces my dark locks
My berry brown arms cling to milky silky neck
And our breathing breathes in sync, an unspoken, unbroken love link

Sing to me Nanny says I
What now says she
But the notes spill out and sing do we
Her hazel eyes stare steadfastly into mine
My jam smeared mouth mimics cherry berry lips
And our tune totters along to an ear-splitting song

Pick it up says I
I won’t Mummy says she
But I bend down to help and do it together do we
Her furrowed brow tops long luscious lashes
My gaze fixes on her dimpled chubby cheeks
And while my heart fills with lasting love, we cuddle each other and fit like a glove

Eat up boy says I
I’m not hungry Nanny says he
But he’s put on my lap and together we eat do we
His beautiful blue eyes blink in food–laden sleepiness
My lap becomes a warm wanted warmness
And sleepy softness drifts all around, and to the cot he goes to be put gently down

Can I hold my great granddaughter says I
Well of course says he
But pass her gently between us do we
Her white wispy hair peeks out from pink bonnet
Her hazel eyes look lovely and lively
And tears momentarily strike me dumb, to see the faces of my Nan and my Mum

There is nothing to say says not I
Or he or she
Nothing at all passes between we
For once I occupied space and tremendous time
Lived and laughed and laughed and loved
And the reason for that emptiness is, I am no longer here I do not exist.

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