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Selling Hope

Selling Hope

written by: Beth Tremaglio



What is more dangerous than hopelessness? The sale and lie of hope.– Beth


Until we understand where
hopeless comes from
for those born into her,

she will produce constant prisons,
for many, this is a starting point in life,
not all who steal are criminals,
or dealers,
for most this is to provide
what we can never offer,
true hope.

Many are born into hopeless and they will run this life from a constant end.

Many hope spewers are born blind

rambling cliches
posting the latest memes,
“work harder and hope will come” says those born into hope
charitable acts without solutions to simply appease their own conscience,
mother Teresa moments that warm the heart but deny the truth,
they know nothing of real hope for if they had they would understand,

not all hope is real but rather a selling point,
a lie
to justify the truth and realities of being born into hopelessness.



We fear hopelessness. 
We sell hope to escape the reality of life.
We cannot fix a problem if we don’t understand what has created the problem and all that spews forth.
I have yet to see genuine hope come from a denial of reality, true hope is birthed in what and who is hopeless. 
Selling hope will do nothing but create a constant prison and for many children a starting point in life that has no end, no matter how many times they “begin again.”

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