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written by: Gayl Wright



They said it was impossible, but she knew she could do it.
They said she must stay in her safe little box, but she felt trapped.
They said she would die if she stepped out of it, but she knew they were wrong.
They said she was not good enough, but she knew they were lying.
They did all they could to keep her down.

What could she do?
How could she make them understand?
Why do we have wings if we were meant to stay in these little boxes?
What are you all afraid of?

They recoiled in horror as she asked these questions.
How dare she question the way things have always been done?
Why was she so wild and untamable?

Slowly she stood up and stretched out her wings.
Oh, how good it felt to open them to their widest span.
Everyone gasped, but she felt empowered.

Timidly approaching the edge of her box,
She paused,
Gazed into the sky,
And jumped.

What a glorious sensation –
the wind blowing across her face,
the grace with which she flew across the sky;
It was exhilarating!

Making her way back she saw the others still cowering.
“Please,” she said, ”This is what we were made for. Come join me!”

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