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Chosen Dream

Chosen Dream

written by: Cristina Munoz



still awake
night has her way
eyelids close willingly
entering a chosen dream
moving into its middle eye
worlds clash within
body jerks violently
i’m away

the roaring is subsiding
our open stretch of Broadbeach
reveals you waving, smiling,
looking so healthy, young, strong,
shouting out my name in Spanish
standing alone on shimmering sand
black shoulder length hair is a halo
as your brilliant smile overwhelms me
your welcome embrace breaks my sprint

Gold Coast ocean swells a little
cresting waves glittering like crystals
beneath the soft twilight sun
walking side by side talking
holding exact same hands in mine
entwined fingers rise in perfect time
later i will thank my guardian angel
for releasing you from heaven
even just for one night

shocked awake, alert,
gripped by grieving
i can’t help weeping
wishing i could be with you
during each, every day again
twisted grief plays dark tricks
giving you back to me briefly
only when i dream
i swear grief is a sadist

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