Silent Scream, a poem written by Verona Jones at
Nishant Kulkarni

Silent Scream

Silent Scream

written by: Verona Jones



Her breath came hard and fast
as she hurriedly walked along cobblestones.
Her footsteps echoing loudly with each step,
Emerald eyes were wide with fear
as adrenalin rushed through her veins.

London’s deserted street barely lit,
with Luna dressed in her crescent dress.
Hiding in the darkened skies behind
dark clouds racing across the heavens,
yet she knew something was stalking her,

she could hear the faintest whispers
of cloth grasped by sticky brush.
Although no sound of someone walking,
still, something else was behind her
on this cold, late October night.

She stopped suddenly to look behind,
a glance mayhap of her stalker.
Her mouth opened wide to scream,
it was right up on her and not human
when sharp teeth struck silently.

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