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Slow Is Living Long

written by: Alias Mimmie



The timid world rests through failing
glory, we rest on the falling railing.
Rest is what often, we may need.
But, which creed pays heed?
Running slow! when there is much
more to run, to live, to die for.
We like speed even if, it makes
us lose our fling with self.
But, then slow can make
you strong, it can make you alive,
to live slow, to love slow, it takes
courage to move slow, when slow,
we get a chance to live bold,
breathe wet pines & the grass gold.

Alias Mimmie

Alias Mimmie

I am Mimmie and I am from India. I have been writing long and I wish to get published now. Through my writing I am trying to explore life, our generation and where we are heading as a generation. I often wish to spend my time in my head and writing gives me the perfect resort. She blogs at rollercoasterrideonlife.
Alias Mimmie

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