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Survivor of The Strange

written by: James Dennis Casey IV



the new Lizard King
no one left to blame
on the level

this is how it's done

find your tribe
find your weird

enhance it
dedicate yourself
to something

what kind of trip
are you on tonight

not about
to forget

a new day
a new design

survivor of the strange
long nights
tricking death
into being friends
letting my heart
beat another day

James Dennis Casey IV

James Dennis Casey IV

James D. Casey IV is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi. He currently resides in Illinois with his Beautiful Muse, their retarded dog, and two black cats. Mr. Casey has authored five books of poetry, and his most recent title is 'Isomorphic' released September 24, 2018, through Cajun Mutt Press. His work has also been published extensively by literary magazines and small press venues including Outlaw Poetry, Beatnik Cowboy, The Rye Whiskey Review, Dope Fiend Daily, Under The Bleachers, Zombie Logic Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, Pink Litter, Spillwords Press, and several others internationally. Mr. Casey mainly spends his days writing poetry, but also enjoys practicing magick, and cooking Cajun cuisine. Links to his books and other projects can be found on his blog 'Drunk on Metaphors'.
James Dennis Casey IV

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