Slumdog Winner by Dr. Swati A Gadgil at

Slumdog Winner

Slumdog Winner

written by: Dr. Swati A Gadgil



Born in a shanty
on a dirty rug
to a skinny mother
pale and sloshed
suckling hard
for drops of milk
sure of gastric juices
flowing down the gut
wasted acid for morsels zilch
determined hard
to rise like phoenix
holding on to all
opportunity and fall
nothing deters her
against all odds
she stands tall
loves her books
her only companions
never distraught
by wilful noises of night
from shanties around
shaking walls
reeking breaths
cries of anger
moans of hunger
she is deaf to all
reading books and
writing her future
like a lotus blooming
out of the mud
above the defilements
the brawls and fights
culling human rights
she knows the saviour
only one that can steer her
away from garbage, filth and hunger
away from dungeons that pull them under
to live like insects and get crushed
she found her way out
with deaf ears and open eyes
clear mind and thunder wise
gets the tiara winning the show
airlifted out to shine and glow


©Dr. Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

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