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written by: Dr. Swati A Gadgil



I close my eyes
To see within
Try to read
Memoirs thick and thin
Pages from the past
Yellow and dusty
Cluttered thoughts
Clanging rusty
Some valid some nasty
Clangers few
Perfect many
Yet I wonder
What is heavier
Mulls my mind
Dumb or clever
Pungent never
Harmless though
Emotions plenty
Reigning high
On platters empty
When asked to choose
Touch me
Touch me not
Years lost
I fathom not
Did it cost
A lifetime many
Never a penny
Laid my path
I wanted wings
To fly the sky
Retreating why
On trodden path
Oh my dear
I say to me
You are pure
Always sure
EQ high
Ecstatic ever
Reflections of the past
Haunting never
Innocent soul
Love in air
I have a heart
Does anybody care
Far in to skies
Blank stare
Tears and smiles
Thousands of miles
I walk away
I hate I love
I frown I glow
Forget me not
With the stars I flow
Who am I
You will never know


©Dr. Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

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