Bottle To The Grave by Michael Marrotti at

Bottle To The Grave

Bottle To The Grave

written by: Michael Marrotti



From the bottle
to the grave
peace will come
when her
inebriated body
is deposited
inside the ground

May the next toast
be your last
and with it
all the future torture
of a drunken life
self-severing and

You can only push
people so far
now I’m across
state lines
in a better place
free of abuse

Your only son
or the bottle
you’ve made
the choice

Enjoy that vodka
until the end
it’s all you have left
those twelve steps
brought you back
to the beginning

A son without
a mother
who tried diligently
to make it better
but in the end
had to face the facts

He’d never be
as significant
as the bottle

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