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written by: Julia K


Curl your way into our lungs
Nostrils, eyes, skin
You have ways to make us …

Messenger of doom,
You want everyone to know
How stupid we are

Tell Australia, tell the world,
Your story has gone viral
And its theme is death, destruction,

The big smoking gun has appeared –
On the big sky screen
The latest rising star
At the end of a long line
Of wannabies

Those belching volcanoes,
Those deadly tremors,
The fracturing southern continent,
The droughts, floods,
The birds dropping from the sky,
The absence of bees,
Were all

The gentle touch didn’t work on us,
The human mind is weak;
Our obstinacy is quite extraordinary

So, spawn of the flame,
Blanket us in haze,
Halt our gaze,
So we might begin
To see
The beginning
And the end.

Ashes to ashes –
Yes, we get it now.

Or do we?

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