Solar Magnet, a poem written by Phillip Knight Scott at
Marcelo Matarazzo

Solar Magnet

Solar Magnet

written by: Phillip Knight Scott



She draws me in and I feel like a magnet
pulled into that smile. No that may
not be the right word. (Forgive me
for when she folds her lips just so

I am swept stupefied, left
revolving around that fiery red heart of a solar system
desperate to stay in the light
no matter the distance. I feel the void —

the emptiness when she falls out of focus
pushes my orbit awry while starlight
stings like gnats vying for attention, false light
merely pulling me deeper into darkness.)

Ah but she smiles — the gravity of the scene
is more than enough force to black out
all other light and center me where I belong.
No magnet could compete with that attraction.

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