Unveiling The Psyche, a poem by Juliya Susan Jose at Spillwords.com
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Unveiling The Psyche

Unveiling The Psyche

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Along the pathway of life I go
Not knowing what lies ahead
Haunting dreadful episodes
Still slithering in my psyche.
I’m stuck amidst the malicious
Fake creatures, fake smiles
Colors and Promises, Gaiety and Grief
Still abides as a dilemma.

Searching for the provenance
I ran hither and thither
My expedition continues
Through the hazy evocation
Of the alluring yore.
But I could only reminisce
The screech of childhood,
Eerie of the past thoughts.

Oh! Lost in the fragment of memories
Engulfed in a perilous voyage
Of mischievous yet unquenchable
Crusade of thoughts.
Is this engrossing me
To an avenue of reverie
Or jumbling into a chaotic scenario
Were my memories are entangled?

The voyage of my psyche is like
An unending quest for memories
An everlasting crave for mysteries.
It’s an unravelled enigma of psyche
Still ushering me into a quandary.
I’m confused and unhinged
With caliginous memories
Subdued in a somber melancholy.

But I’ll go on diving into depth
I’m no more succumb to afflictions
I can castaway the catastrophes
And dwell into the memories
That got locked down
In the reservoir of my psyche
Wiping out the tenebrosity
That wrapped upon my sanity.

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