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Soul On Soul

Soul on Soul

written by: Devika Mathur



Take the brown leaf, dip it into the holy waters
then spread the glow on my diamond skin,
my autumn skin.
Twirl your fingers on my unwrinkled navel,
with alluring eyes, with crisp breath,
that beguiling yellow hold,
like the conjecture of lost love,
Emboss my soul, my body with fresh dewy stare
an array of flickering thoughts,
paper-lit lanterns.
Then take the green leaf and caress my once pale ear with the colour of lust,
squeezing my dark cores,
chopping my outgrown branches.
Chant my tales with the colossal moon,
hide my soul,
flower my soul,
Lather my gnarled parts with a Petrichor,
the petrichor of your smell.
The intoxicated halt.
The intoxicated soul on soul.

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