The Night For A Woman, poetry by Devika Mathur at
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The Night For A Woman

The Night For A Woman

written by: Devika Mathur



Between the branches of lips
I stutter with precincts of embarked skin.
The callous round body of moon kissed tranquility
Shedding further,
The eucalyptus, trimmed
Traveling through empty nights,
A voyage on drugs, maybe
The sky
So thick now,
And my neck of prayers
Of bruises & dreams,
I think of morning breakfast,
Of egg shells & spilled pickle.
A pattern to die.
Another pattern of shedding.
Is this how a woman’s mind sheds?
a loose necklace,
Crawling onto knees,
a noiseless sound everywhere.
She stands at the sunset
Touching her skin, her mind, half eaten poetry,
The night delivers a soft poetic arm
of a fermenting lost lover.

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