Stained Ceramic written by Dan Leicht at

Stained Ceramic

Stained Ceramic

written by: Dan Leicht



With an empty mug to either side of him he fell
back into the page. Gaze ever drooping as each new word sprung
up into previously empty space. He was entranced
in this sort of caffeine figment as the world roared by
outside his window – the rumbling of a nearby train
evoking a nervous need
to explore. “A harsh cold keeps me from leaving,” he said,
the empty room giving no response. “I cannot bare to leave
without finishing this story. The world must wait,” he continued.
However, the world didn’t wait
and as the days passed more trains carried lovely travelers
on new journeys. Alone at the page,
fixing indents, he sighed of relief. The story had been finished,
although he’d done no living of his own.
A vibrant character spun wildly the world of fiction
and yet the creator sat empty in a field of stained ceramic.

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