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  1. Where, do you hail from?
From Sant Eusebio on the hills of Genoa, (Italy). A very nice green place where I have now been living with my family for over thirty years, and for some time with my partner Luisa and my cats Sissi and Staple. Also, it is a place, where if I can suggest to live, because it is a quiet place as I like it.
  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

Home for me is everywhere. I define myself as a citizen of the world, however as far as I am personally concerned home for me is tranquility, safety, family, friendship, affection, memories and many things, even the place where I often write, where I concentrate and I’m inspired to write. In short, home has different meanings for me.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

Excitement is maybe a big word but my inspiration comes from moods. It can be sadness, happiness, despair, love. I think it’s common to many writers this type of thing, the mood does a lot in my opinion when one writes and I think that the greatest satisfaction is when you can transmit it.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?

There can be many words, however, my favorite love always smells of poetry, ola in particular as hope. There is not a single word for me, there are many words that know of poetry, however, returning to the beginning my favorite is love, in fact many of my lyrics are about love.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

My biggest gripe is that technology supports feelings. I don’t accept it.

  1. What defines Stefano Polo?

I am a man, an ordinary person like many, who has his frailties, his strengths, his passions, and his interests such as poetry, football, cinema, dogs, love for his partner Luisa, her affections, friendship and her values ​​in which she deeply believes in.

Stefano Polo

Stefano Polo

Stefano Polo nasce il 24/05/1968 a Genova, in un paese chiamato S. Eusebio, dove vive con la famiglia. Da qualche anno si è avvicinato alla poesia per dare sfogo ai suoi sentimenti più intimi. Scrive per “La pergamena dell’anima”, un gruppo online di poesia. Recentemente è stata edita una sua composizione, Il coro, dall’Associazione Culturale “Luna Nera” nel 2012. In passato ha partecipato con i suoi testi ad eventi pubblici. Con La Caravella Editrice ha già pubblicato la raccolta di poesie “Le chiavi del mio cuore”. Ha partecipato all’Antologia “Anime in poesia” edito da Irda Edizioni, nel 2012 e sempre nel 2012 ad un’altra Antologia “Senza trucchi né ritocchi” edito da Cassandra Edizioni. Ha pubblicato “Vorrei essere creta” e “Il giardino dei miei desideri” nel 2013 e sempre nel 2013 è arrivato in finale al concorso “Salice d' Oro” classificandosi decimo. La sua ultima pubblicazione risale al 2014 con la raccolta di poesie intitolata “Come un aquilone in cielo” di Ga Edizioni. Nel 2016 è arrivato in finale al concorso “Il canto delle muse” con la poesia “L’essere nulla”. E’ di prossima uscita l’Antologia “Alessandro Quasimodo legge i poeti contemporanei” che comprenderà la sua poesia “I miei sogni da bambino”.
Stefano Polo

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