Sugar and Salt, a poem written by Shanyu at
Anastasia Zhenina

Sugar and Salt

Sugar and Salt

written by: Shanyu



We inscribed cotton candy verses on our skin,
Hoping all we’ll ever feel, is love.
Rolled cedar chocolate on our tongues,
Hoping all we’ll ever say, is heard.
Replaced each eye for a candy,
Hoping all we’ll ever cry, is color.
Painted our days with cola,
Hoping all they’ll be is sweet.

Stuffed our mouths with toffee,
Sugar lows, sugar highs,
Of melting skin and caramel,
Of cinnamon scented lies.

And such we silly sugar beings,
Hoping all is merry, bright,
Eyes turned to gluttony,
Lips spread in delight.



But only deep down humans know:

That your toil is sweat and sweat is salt,
And it won’t always be loved,
Your words are mere grains of salt,
Cannot always be heard.

Your eyes sometimes cry tears of salt,
And salt is starkly white,
Can paint your days in sugar, love,
But only salt is infinite.

And such we silly sugar beings,
Closed our eyes to faults,
If only we could be human more,
We’d know all ends in salt.

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