You Could Disappear Tonight, poetry by Eric Danhoff at
Cassidy Dickens

You Could Disappear Tonight

You Could Disappear Tonight

written by: Eric Danhoff



There is a quiet
not quite a calm
a lull
it shares the room with you well
entertain the stuffed animals
as you drink another coffee
lace it
with that good whiskey
the one from your birthday
count thoughts before work
try to keep them from taking the moment
away from you
turn the music louder
welcome this quiet
like an old friend
just passing through
hours come and leave
this is when you sit
head against the black glass
the lessons we have learned
what new version we have become
wait for shame
a regret
some mistake to step in
ruin this good quiet with that signature sting
but it’s not there
you’re getting better
at spinning those plates
taking just enough time
for yourself
watch the curses change to thanks
hands shake not with rage
but purpose
read the words of others
liking or not liking your work
this is what you’ve always wanted
not attention
you could disappear tonight
and it would be enough
but you can’t
still so much to do
more to bear witness
the clock will strike midnight
and the world will not heal itself
in an instant
clasp those fingers together
squeeze and press
the shadow from the skin
ask for this good quiet
to stay
do all that you can
to make it

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